Volunteer attorneys, judges, and court staff at the Ninth Judicial District Pro Bono Committee’s annual legal clinic in Clovis, NM.

In 2006, the Supreme Court approved the Ten Step Pro Bono plan developed by the commission. This plan recognized the severe unmet need for assistance in civil legal cases and identified steps to promote pro bono representation.

As a result of the Ten Step Plan the following initiatives have been put in place:

  • mandatory pro bono reporting for all attorneys licensed in New Mexico,
  • pro bono committees in each of the thirteen judicial districts that organize pro bono clinics for self-represented litigants,
  • a Statewide Pro Bono Coordinator housed at New Mexico Legal Aid, and
  • establishment of the Volunteer Attorney Program overseen by New Mexico Legal Aid.

Due to these initiatives and the work of the pro bono coordinator and committees, volunteer service by attorneys around the state has increased dramatically.

Since 2004, the Commission has accomplished a great deal of work to promote pro bono services and to boost funding for civil legal aid, as well as streamlining existing processes to increase efficiency and access for people without lawyers.