Self-Represented Litigation Network

SRLN connects lawyers, judges and allied professionals who are creating innovative and evidence-based solutions so that self-represented litigants have meaningful access to the courts and get the legal help they need.

Center on Court Access to Justice

The Center on Court Access to Justice for All is a project of the National Center for State Courts that helps judges and courts advance access to justice, especially for poor and low-income individuals, by offering resources on strategies and technical assistance. It works closely with the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators and other national court organizations to implement access-to-justice solutions.

National Center for Access to Justice

NCAJ is the academically affiliated national organization that relies on data to accomplish policy reforms that help people obtain access to justice. They publish the Justice Index which provides a state-by-state snapshot of showing which best practices each state has adopted.

ABA Resource Center for ATJ Initiatives

The Resource Center for Access to Justice (ATJ) Initiatives serves judicial, private bar, and legal aid leaders who work together to provide people of low and modest income with meaningful access to their justice systems.